Our Services

  • Barb will assist you with your administrative support whether three hours a week, one day a week, one, two or three days a month.  Maybe you only require administrative assistance quarterly or yearly.  

Virtual assistant services include


  1. Typing/Filing
  2. Customer Service  & Telephone
  3. Implement Office Efficiencies
  4. Prepare large Customer Mail outs 
  5. Meeting Management
  6. Plan and organize meetings
  7. Coordinate National Convention

administrative support provided for


New Businesses

Small Businesses

Home Businesses

Large Businesses

Corporate Businesses 

Reasons to choose Barb's Virtual Office

Hiring Barb’s Virtual Office means no recruiting costs, office equipment and space, or overhead such as benefits, payroll tax and vacation pay. You only pay for the services performed based on the agreed-upon contract.  Barb works on an hourly rate or by project or by task. Whether on-site or off-site three hours a week or one day a month, help is on the way with Barb’s Virtual Office! 

  • Free quotes 
  • Professional and Reliable Administrative Support 
  • On Site or Off Site Assistance
  • Contracts and CRA Business Number Provided
  • Administrative support on a Need-by-Need Basis

Services Provided

  • Filing and colour coding files for quick access
  • Customer Services Assistance
  • Telephone answering machine services
  • Analyze, organizing your office(s) and implement workflow systems
  • Proofreading documents and materials 
  • Compose, type and format  letters, forms, reports, and manuals
  • Perform general errands i.e. banking, pick up office supplies, etc.
  • Mail mergers and large mail outs
  • Implementing Policies and Procedures
  • Prepare and type details for invitations
  • Prepare Newsletters and type notes for cards
  • Data Entry and Bookkeeping Using Excel

Other Services

organizing services


Data Entry



Filing Services


Implement and customize a file system that meets your needs, assist with your filing on a need-by-need basis (hourly, weekly, or monthly)

meeting management


Coordinate meeting details:

date, times, location, coffee

service, and meals.  

                    See Event Planning

Help is on the way!



Provide professional, reliable services to grow your business and meet all your administrative requirements.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

contract your assignments


Once your project is established a contract will be prepared including a CRA Business Number.

Your success is my success!



 No need to pay full-time wages 

No need to pay vacation pay

 Relax and let Barb's Virtual Office

do the work for you!